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Bill and Cheyenne were married in December of 1973.  For a gift Cheyenne purchased Bill a pet shop Irish Setter in the Spring of 1974 and in the fall they took an obedience class and ever since they have been hooked!  Lady Keiko graduated top of her class and in the summer of 1975 Bill showed her to her CD. 

For Bill’s birthday in 1976 they purchased their first lab from George and Louise White of Stonecrest Labrador’s.  They named him Stonecrest’s Labradorite “Yonie”.  The family took a little bit of time out to have their son Aaron, in 1977.  After that nothing was stopping the Shaffer’s.  Bill and his labs won multiple High in Trials in AKC/CKC/UKC.  They also competed in many Gaines Regional’s.  With this came High in Trials and High Combine at Nationals in both the US and Canada.  They had ranked #1 Lab in US and Canada as well as having the number 1 and number 2 lab in Canada in the same year.  After all that they took a little more time off and had Leslie in 1985.

The second lab was Waterdog’s Anagram “B” she is one the best labs to ever show in obedience.  She earned a Dog World Title for getting 3 qualifying legs with a score of 195 or better in a row.  B is the OTCH dog at Labradorite.  In 1991 they brought home a cute little red puppy; Altair’s Southern Rebel “Rebel” and he was the start of all the Goldens to come at Labradorite Kennels.  Somehow the Shaffer’s ended up with a Miniature Schnauzer, Aljamar’s Silver Knight “Silver”.  The first week of owning him he had bit all of Bill’s fingers.  He was rescued and had been abused.  The Shaffer’s never knew what he would amount to and needless to say they were all surprised in the end.  When Silver passed away he was known as Aljamar's Silver Knight UDX CAN-UD BM-CDX. 

When Leslie got her own dog Boss she showed him in obedience for awhile but then found a calling in the Junior Showmanship ring.  The Shaffer’s took time off to help her focus on her juniors career and stayed busy with work and other family life as she went off to college.  Now that both of their children, Aaron and Leslie are off on their the parents are back to doing what they want and are starting back in obedience. 

Bill and Cheyenne are members of Kanawha Obedience Training Club and The Golden Retriever Club of America.
Watch for a dog from Labradorite in a ring near you soon!



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